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What is Market Ready?

Market Ready is a service to help sellers and listing agents prepare a home for the real estate market before it is listed. This allows them to sell their home for the highest amount possible, without worrying about inaccurate listing information, unknown mechanical defects, environmental hazards, and valuation concerns. Knowing this information can help your home sell quickly and smoothly!


  1. Certified Square Footage; we are certified residential appraisers who have measured thousands of homes. Having the correct square footage of your home is step #1 in determining a reasonable list price.  

  2. Certified Home Inspection; one of our nationally certified home inspectors will inspect your home looking for possible mechanical defects.  We will test and inspect major component systems, including the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. We will look at the roof cover, the structural integrity of the home, along with grading and drainage, proper window operation, flooring defects, and multiple other features, insuring your home is Market Ready!

  3. Certified Valuation Opinion; Total Home Analysis is a leading provider in Southwest Missouri of certified residential appraisal reports to 100’s banks across the country. With over 75 years of combined residential experience, you can be assured that the valuation opinion will be accurately supported with a certified appraisal. 

  4. Termite Inspection; It is estimated each year termites affect 600,000 homes, causing over $1 billion in damage. A termite inspection will let you know if you have termites and what is the easiest way to remedy the problem. 

  5. Radon Gas Measurement; Radon is an odorless and invisible radioactive gas released when some naturally occurring radioactive materials break down in rocks, soil, and water, and can build up to dangerous levels inside homes or buildings.  In 2006, it was reported that 1 in 15 US homes has levels of Radon above the EPA action level.  Radon gas is estimated to be a contributing cause of approximately 21,000 people each year.  We will ensure your home is safe from Radon with a 48-hour test of your indoor air quality. 

  6. Government Loan Minimum Property Requirements; We will provide you with a list of required repairs that are needed to sell your home with government financing.  All too often sellers are afraid to sell their homes due to unforeseen required repairs.  You will now know what required repairs are needed to help decide how to list your home. 

  7. Virtual Tour; Total Home Analysis will prepare a virtual tour of your home so potential buyers can easily “walk thru” your home without even stepping inside.  The virtual tour will also include interior and exterior photos “featuring” updates and upgrades of your home to show a potential buyer.  These tours are priceless when a potential buyer lives out of state and cannot be in person to view a home. 

Who benefits?

  • Sellers; This service is invaluable to sellers that are wanting to experience a hassle-free transaction when listing their home. Market Ready ensures the seller is no longer blindsided by unexpected deficiencies with their home that either causes the buyer to offer less or walk away from the deal altogether. 

  • Agents; Listing agents can utilize Market Ready to ensure their client’s home is 100% ready for the best possible offer.  No other company can partner with a listing agent to provide these services to ensure a smooth transaction. 


Get ahead of the game

  • Incorrect square footage either causes the home to under appraise or maybe the home is bigger than reported and money is left on the table.

  • Mechanical defects can/could cause a buyer to “walk” or at least offer less because of the “money pit” effect. Things like termites and radon gas could affect the offer.

  • Are you listing the home at the best price to ensure you are receiving the best return on your largest investment?

  • A virtual tour will ensure the people that want to physically see the home are serious and not "nosy neighbors". 

Multiple Packages Available

Choose a package that fits your needs and your home.

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