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Because your crawlspace has direct contact with the ground, it's important to realize that eventually, moisture will develop there. Our professionally installed vapor barriers will help to prevent that moisture from causing potentially expensive damage.


A vapor barrier serves as a layer of protection for your crawlspace as well as the components that reside beneath your home. Without it, you could potentially encounter expensive repairs.


Without a properly installed vapor barrier, your crawlspace could collect excess moisture. Leading to a variety of problems.

Fungi Growth
Warped Hardwood Floors
Wood Rot
Poor Indoor Air Quality
Higher Utility Costs
Standing Water


1) Why are vapor barriers important? 

The sole purpose of a vapor barrier is to aide in preventing moisture from entering the crawlspace area, moisture entertainment is the leading cause of fungal growth and wood framing deterioration. We recommend that homes that have a known crawlspace moisture issue should be fitted with a vapor barrier, we also recommend that a vapor barrier be installed as preventative maintenance. 


2) What type of material is used? 

A basic vapor barrier is constructed using a minimum of 6 mil plastic layer with seams overlapping at least 12", it is recommended that seams be taped/sealed to prevent ground water from entering the crawlspace area through seams. Vapor barrier should at a minimum lay over the foundation footing and ideally be secured/sealed to the foundation walls. 


3) How long does it take to install a vapor barrier? 

A typical vapor barrier installation should take a trained professional approximately three hours.


4) Our house has a vapor barrier, but it's old. Should we get a new one? How long do they last?

Homes that have an existing vapor barrier tend to separate at the seams over time, this is can be caused by crawlspace work (workers sliding and crawling on the barrier) and water entry below the installed barrier. We recommend that the barrier be inspected and adjusted/repaired as needed every few years. Replacement of a vapor barriers is not needed as long as the barrier is properly maintained and they can usually have a very long life span due to the fact that they are not exposed to sunlight. 

5) How much does a vapor barrier cost?

The cost of a professional installed vapor barrier will vary based on the size of the crawlspace. Please call us today and we'd be happy to provide you a quote over the phone.

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