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All radon mitigation systems come with a free 5 year warranty, which covers the mitigation fan and manometer.


Should your home test for higher levels of radon, our experts are here to help. A properly installed radon mitigation system is designed to dramatically reduce radon gas concentrations in the breathing zones of your home. 


All of our professionally installed radon mitigation systems come with a free 5 year warranty. If any of the system parts fail, we will replace them for free within the first 5 years of the system being installed.

Q: My home tested for elevated levels of radon, why do I need to install a radon mitigation system?

A: Radon gas is a radioactive gas that is emitted from the earth and is the cause of over 20,000 cases of lung cancer every year. Our professionally installed systems will lower the radon level to below EPA acceptable levels.

Q: How much does a radon mitigation system cost?

A: The cost of a radon mitigation system varies from house to house. Please call our office to request a bid or fill out our online request form HERE.

Q: How long does it take to install a radon mitigation system?

A: On average, the typical sub-slab system takes 5-7 hours to install.

Q: Why do you install your systems on the inside of the home, rather than on the outside?

A: Although it is common to see radon mitigation systems installed on the exterior of the home, we choose to route our systems through walls and floors and sometimes through an interior closet (corner). By going this route, your radon mitigation system is essentially hidden. This style of installation keeps the exterior of the home aesthetically pleasing and it also prevents condensation from occurring inside the mitigation piping which results in a lower probability of fan failure inside the system.

Q: How do we know if the system is working?

A: A simple pressure gauge called a Manometer is installed on a visible and/or easily accessible portion of the mitigation system. A manometer is a super handy device that shows how much vacuum the system is creating. A zero vacuum reading indicates that the system is not working.

Q: Is there any warranty for these systems?

A: YES! We offer a free 5 year warranty on the mitigation fan and the manometer. If either one of those two parts fails, we will come out and replace them for free.


Radon Mitigation

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